About FinTuition

We are an international training company based in London specialising in the securities finance business: securities lending, equity finance, hedge funds, prime brokerage, repo and collateral management.

We offer a regular schedule of open-enrolment courses from introductory to advanced levels as well as on-site training.

FinTuition training relies heavily on exercises, role plays and case studies to promote a better understanding of securities financing and trading concepts through contextually reinforced learning.

Securities Finance

As short-selling and leverage are among the key elements defining the trading strategies of both proprietary desks and hedge funds, the lowest-cost financing of both short and long positions is essential to the generation of maximum returns. Stock borrowing finances the short side of the trader's book and increasingly some form of repo or swap (structured product) may be the most economical and balance-sheet effective way to finance the long side.

Hedge Funds

Now representing a trillion dollar industry, hedge funds are a key driver of growth in the securities finance market as well as an increasingly popular investment alternative for institutions as well as family offices, endowments and high net worth individuals. Prime brokerage provides the link between hedge funds and securities finance. Finally, as hedge funds are mainly involved in equity markets, an ability to value companies and use modeling techniques is not only essential for them but also useful for those needing to understand them and their strategies.

Securities Services

Securities finance and hedge fund administration are complex and operationally intensive businesses. An efficient back office with staff who are knowledgeable about the peculiarities of these transactions can often make the difference between a gain and a loss on a particular trade. With declining spreads in the industry, pooling collateral, trading it and generally optimising its use has already saved banks many millions of dollars.

Training Philosophy

FinTuition takes a modular approach to training, selecting in consultation with the client the most relevant aspects of the business and tailoring courses to suit their needs. A range of in-house and open course programmes is available from introductory to advanced. Our highly interactive seminars using bespoke role-plays and case studies are only one aspect of our sophisticated training philosophy. In addition, our private interactive site will enable you to exchange information before and after the course.