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1 Day Collateral Management course Fee: £850 + VAT
Overview and Objectives: This course is designed for finance professionals who wish to gain a high/advanced level overview of the collateral management process and understand the impact of new regulations (i.e. Dodd Frank, EMIR, BCBS) on counterparty risk. Participants will be engaged in case studies, collateral exercises and quizzes, which are designed to keep the learning process engaging. This also provides measureable results, which aids the understanding, absorption and retention of key topics. The course is tailored to the right level for all participants and dedicated to answering all questions too.
21 - 21 November 2019 London
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Course Director(s)
Anthony Cure

What You Will Learn Is This Course Right For You?  
The material will cover the calculation of margin calls, business processes and mechanics of collateral management, legal documentation, triparty, the evolving ecosystem/utilities/technology, optimization and new market best practice.
Topical themes around collateral management:

- SIMM for Initial Margin for Phase IV and Phase V
- ISDA advocating regulators to revisit IM threshold for Phase V (proposing moving threshold from $8 Billion/EUR 8 billion to $100 billion.EUR 100 billion)
- Managing IM in-house vs outsourcing
- Selecting Tri-party/custodian to manage the pledging and receiving IM
- Negotiating IM Schedules with your trading counterparties (start early since time consuming)
- Using vendors offerings to manage the negotiation of ISDA's, CSA's, GMRA's and MSFTA's

Additionally, participants will learn the different business drivers between build/vendor/outsourcing collateral management solutions. Finally, the course will discuss the final frontier for collateral management.
Course Overview    
Collateral Management Overview
➢ Repo
➢ Stock Borrow Lending
➢ TBA?s

Collateral Management Function
➢ How to calculate a margin call: calculating, communicating, agreeing, instructing & settling collateral
➢ Variation Margins
➢ Initial Margin
➢ Roles and Responsiblities
➢ Overview of legal collateral agreements (i.e. ISDA CSA, GMRA, MSFTA, OSLA?)

Time for an Exercise
➢ Calculating Variation and Initial Margin Calls

Review of Legal Documentation
➢ ISDA Credit Support Annex (CSA)
➢ Best Practices

Regulators and Regulations
➢ BCBS 261
➢ Dodd-Frank ? The Volker Rule
➢ LCR & Basel III

Collateral Management Ecosystem
➢ Technology
➢ Market Utilities
➢ Build, Vendor and Outsourcing

➢ Collateral Optimisation / Collateral Preference
➢ Cheapest to deliver

Time for a Quiz
➢ Quiz: Most relevant hot topics quiz

Course Conclusion
➢ Summary and Questions


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