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Introduction to Financial Markets Fee: £950 + VAT
London - UK
This is a two day course designed to introduce delegates to the basic concepts of the financial markets. The course will examine the structure of the financial industry, its purpose and objectives and how the various elements of firm, form and function combine to give us the global capital markets we operate in today.

29 - 30 January 2020 London
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Course Director(s)
Anthony Cure
Guest Speaker(s)
None Required
What You Will Learn Is This Course Right For You?  
Key Results

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
➢ Identify the key purposes of the financial markets
➢ Understand how companies and governments raise money
➢ Describe the differences between primary and secondary markets
➢ Differentiate between the activities and objectives of Buy- and Sell-side organisations
➢ Gain knowledge of key asset types, how they are traded and their relevant risk profiles
Course Overview    
➢ Purpose of the financial markets
➢ Issuers, investors and the intermediaries
➢ Market participants, roles and responsibilities
➢ Activities of the key financial intermediaries
➢ Regulatory framework

Market Structure
➢ Primary, secondary and Over-the Counter markets
➢ Stock exchange
➢ Money markets
➢ Securitisation

Asset Classes
➢ Equities
➢ Fixed Income
➢ Derivatives (Futures, options, swaps, credit)
➢ Alternative investment including hedge funds, private equity and commodities
➢ Foreign exchange
➢ Collective investment (UCITS, Mutual funds, ETFs)

Portfolio management
➢ Modern Portfolio Theory
➢ Passive vs. active investments
➢ Asset allocation
➢ Wealth management

Corporate Finance
➢ Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), mergers and acquisitions
➢ Concepts of shareholder and stakeholder value
➢ Financing alternatives

➢ Treasury Management funding and risk management
➢ Financing repo, securities lending and synthetics
➢ Administration and Operations clearing systems, depositories, middle and back office

The Credit Crunch
➢ Origins and causes
➢ Response from market participants and regulators
➢ Lessons learned for the future

Post Course Delegate Support
For two weeks after any course, delegates can post follow-up questions and comments directly for the attention of the trainer. Additionally, trainers will provide post-course reading and reference materials.

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