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Presentation Skills in Finance Fee: £1,500 + VAT
London - UK
Most presentation skills courses cover the tools and techniques of public speaking. But this ignores completely the inner fears so many of us experience. It is no good being a powerful presenter in front of the mirror but terrified in front of the live audience.

This two day course will cover the "how to" of presenting, but most importantly, it will provide delegates with the inner psychological awareness to make powerful and effective presentations - whether to audiences at conferences and seminars or at internal meetings within the financial industry. Such skills are critical even when presenting to audiences filled with market professionals.

The course is designed for anyone who is tasked with giving a presentation, seminar or speaking opportunity - and who wants to truly engage their audience and feel good about doing so.

The experienced trainers are successful public speakers in their own right. They will explore the psychological fears and anxieties about public speaking that can affect your performance and confidence. They will help you to overcome these and show you how to apply the technical skills needed to be powerful and effective.

27 - 27 March 2020 London
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Course Director(s)
Roy Zimmerhansl

What You Will Learn  
The aim of the course is to teach you how to turn complex arcane financial language into plain English by ensuring you become skilled at tailoring presentations. Delegates will also learn how to manage the audience; Do you truly understand the needs and motivations of the listener?

We will review and critique established speakers and speeches and incorporate this with learning the psychology behind successful speaking and personal presentation. Churchill and Obama both use techniques that can be learnt by you!

A key element of the course is to focus on YOU: it will encourage you to challenge your self-perception and gain valuable feedback. Your speaking style will be appraised constructively, building your confidence, while we help identify and eliminate any negatives You will also learn how to make the most of your voice, tone, posture and overall body language.

Course Overview    
➢ The public and hidden skills in presenting
➢ Great orators of history
➢ Presenting across cultures

➢ Understanding audience personality within the finance sphere
➢ Know your audience - Individual vs. group
➢ Structure and review your content
➢ Choose and make the best use of tools, props and resources
➢ Content/Presentation ratio 10/90%

You the Speaker
Your 15 minute presentation - How to make it work, through the critique you will receive from the trainers and your peers
➢ Individual personal feedback will be given afterwards by the trainers
➢ Body Language - open or closed, confident or guarded
➢ Deal practically with nerves
➢ Common fears and questions
➢ Public issues versus private issues (e.g. fear of presenting)
➢ Making first and last impressions count and be remembered
➢ Using your sense of humour without being a comedian
➢ Key Rules in opening and closing

Speaking within Finance
➢ Tools for the speaker - What to do with what youve learnt?
➢ Build rapport and engage your audience
➢ Highlight a key point
➢ Audiences drift away every 9 minutes How to recover them
➢ How the voice works voice techniques
➢ Projecting your voice appropriately ➢ Pace, timing, pitch and posture - and how this influences engagement
➢ Making boring statistics meaningful
➢ Answering questions properly

➢ How to chair conferences
➢ Dealing with the press and get accurately quoted
➢ Getting on TV and radio Adapting your presentation
➢ Getting on TV and radio Adapting your presentation
➢ Being an effective panellist

Post Course
➢ Follow Up: Personal private coaching with trainers away from the group, upon request
➢ Post course inspirational reading and video list

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