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Introduction to Securities Lending Course - ISLA MEMBERS Fee: £360 + VAT
Various locations throughout the year
Securities lending has been acknowledged by regulators around the world as an important part of the capital markets. Over the past five years investors, regulators and the media have dug deeper into this critical component of the securities trading universe.. FinTuition will inform delegates on the processes and practices of this low-risk business that spans the globe, generating substantial revenues for investors and other market participants.

Course fee for ISLA members:
GBP £360 + VAT - for London only
GBP £360 - Other cities in Europe
Please note: Card payments will incur an admin fee of GBP£25.00
21 - 21 November 2017 Frankfurt
30 - 30 November 2017 ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V., Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam, The Netherlands, D11.47, HQ0113
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Course Director(s)
Sarah Nicholson
Guest Speaker(s)
Decided by the trainer
What You Will Learn Is This Course Right For You?  
We will cover the following topics:

What is Securities Lending?

* Definition and basic facts
* Examination of the participant types
* Market structure
* Securities lending transaction life cycle

Market Statistics and Data

* Scope and scale of the business

Demand drivers

* The relationship between securities lending and short selling
* Why do firms borrow securities?
* Current borrowing trends
* Active markets around the world

Risks involved with Securities Lending

* Analysis of counterparty and market risks

Collateral Management

* Collateral as a safety net or a source of alpha?
* What are the alternatives, options and issues involved in collateral selection

Routes to Market

* What are the alternatives available to investors?

The impact of the Lehman default on the business

* How well did the risk mitigants function in this real meltdown situation?

Key Trends, Issues and Challenges in the Industry for 2018 and Beyond

* Examination of important factors that will influence the business going forward
Course Overview    
This one-day seminar provides an introduction to the Securities Lending business. The primary focus of the program will be to give participants an insight into the dynamic world of international securities lending. Course start and finish time: 9:00am to 5:30pm

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